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Weatherlow Farm

Meet B and P, a real-life couple who share a passion for the art of photography. On a delightful August day, we captured their intimate elopement amidst the breathtaking scenery of Weatherlow Farms in Westport, Massachusetts—a charming locale that doubles as a flourishing floral farm and wedding venue. In order to harmonize with the natural splendor surrounding them, we opted for a makeup palette of subtle lilacs and pinks for B, complemented by delicate lashes to enhance her eyes without overpowering the serene backdrop. To further intertwine with the floral motifs adorning her dress and the lush beauty enveloping them, the hairstylist fashioned a soft, low bun adorned with sprigs sourced from the farm itself. The result? A captivating portrayal of two souls deeply in love, their radiance resonating against the backdrop of nature's own masterpiece.

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