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Boston Wedding

K and N, originally from North Carolina, made Boston their home after completing college. As they embarked on the journey of selecting a venue for their wedding, they sought a setting that would capture the essence of the city's beauty. What better choice than a rooftop celebration at 9OFS!

In her day-to-day work within the medical field, K opts for a natural look, steering clear of heavy makeup. For her wedding, she envisioned a timeless and elegant appearance, prioritizing authenticity above all else. During her makeup trial, we delved into discussions about her bridal gown, hairstyle preferences, and her favored color palette. Given K's fair complexion and blonde hair, our selection leaned towards soft browns and peaches, accentuating her features with subtlety and grace.

As for the bridal party, our aim was to complement their attire in dusty rose hues with shades of pinks and rose gold, creating a harmonious ensemble that exuded sophistication and charm.

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